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What we intend to build in the ecovillage

In January 2016, we made a master plan of ecovillage with an organic architect and a permaculturist.  We created a topographical model of the ecovillage, using clay, and discussed the locations of the planned objects. We took into account  ravines, water balance,  groundwater table, power lines, footpaths and comfortable paths to all the buildings.

We intend to build in the ecovillage:

  • A school and a kindergarten with playgrounds;
  • Private houses;
  • Guest houses and single-storey hotel;
  • A playground;
  • A sports ground;
  • A place for public events;
  • Upper and lower ponds;
  • A shallow channel connecting two ponds. It will collect melted and rain water;
  • An amphitheater;
  • A summerhouse on the shore;
  • A fireplace;
  • A storehouse;
  • Workshops (a joinery, a pottery, a weaving, a forge and a bakery);
  • Stables and a farm;
  • A garden;
  • A sauna;
  • An apiary;
  • A parking.