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We are a group of families who decided to change their lives. We are tired of living in a city full of cars, fences and asphalt. We don’t  want to make any compromises in education, healthcare, safety, environment and food selection. We don’t want to live in the urban consumer society where traditional values are changed or forgotten. Our intention is to create a natural world for us and our children.We are creating an ecovillage for families — with a Waldorf (Steiner) school and a kindergarten — in a picturesque place in the Tula Region (Russia).

We are inviting people who want to unite their life in nature, to have holistic education for their children, communication, everyday-life-cooperation with like-minded people and a possibility to work in the ecovillage.

We want to combine advantages of the country life (fresh air, private house, eco-food) and the city life (fast internet, quality education, accessible infrastructure).

We are not a religious communion or an occult sect.

More details: Vision, Our basic principles, Planned objects